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Beats any wedding gift...

The Honeymoon Gift List service from Fileas Fog is a fantastic way of having your dream honeymoon, while at the same time making it really easy for your guests (and others) to know what to get you as a wedding gift.


The Honeymoon Gift List service is quite simple. Everyone can contribute to the cost of your honeymoon. You can either add the honeymoon to your existing wedding list, or ask everyone to contribute to your honeymoon….we’ll take care of the rest.


Honeymoon Gift List – How Does it Work?


You choose your honeymoon and in most cases, simply pay a deposit (this secures the holiday). We’ll then provide you a unique reference number (and instructions) to tell you how anyone can contribute towards the cost of your honeymoon. All you need to do is pass these instructions on to your friends, family and everyone you know, even those people not attending the wedding.


Contributions are made in total confidence and privacy through your dedicated honeymoon gift list website, where in turn you will be able to sign in, check who has contributed and thank them. None of the contributors will know what the total cost of the holiday, who has contributed or how much has been contributed.


If more money is received than the actual cost of the honeymoon (as is often the case)  you can choose to either use the money against a second holiday at any point in the future, or we’ll provide you with a refund.


Note: There is no cost to using the Honeymoon Gift List service – it’s completely free for anyone booking a honeymoon.


How Do We Sign Up?


Signing up for the Honeymoon Gift List service is simple. Call us today on 020 8004 8595. We will set up the gift service and help you find your dream honeymoon.